Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Computer Build Coming Together

On the more personal side of things, my computer build is coming together quite well. Remember it from this post? Well so far, I have the case and the motherboard. This weekend I will be buying a CPU and GPU, not as good ones off of craigslist, but I will upgrade in the future. Then, all that I will have left is my RAM and my PSU, which I will be ordereing from Newegg shortly. All in all, I give it two weeks tops until I get the beast up and running. Why does this matter? Well, it will allow me many more things to do with the site and of course start the long awaited (at least by me) Minecraft Vodcast. Also a sidenote, I think a new member will be added to the site soon who will be reviewing primarily older games and some new ones as well. Another great note: today I reached my maximum pageviews to date: 200. I am quite proud of that, so keep it coming and keep spreading the word!