Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ace's Group

The Big Idea

Well, it has begun. I am starting a company for website design and hosting that will focus on customer support. All customers will go through a single agent and we will offer monthly packages for web design, development, and deployment. This doesn't mean that we will not offer support for people that only want design or hosting, but that we will stand out by offering more cost efficient packages for people that want dynamic sites that will grow and change.

Also, the web design and hosting will act as separate entities under the name Ace's Group, and will be called Ace's Web Design/Development and Ace's Hosting respectively (work in progress). Under the hosting side of things, we will offer support for virtually any type of hosting imaginable. From gaming servers to cloud computing and permanent web hosting, we will cover it all. Support will start out in Northern Michigan (Charlevoix area), and we plan to grow and open up several other data-centers around the globe.

What Makes Us Different?

For starters, each customer will have as much control over their needs as they want to, but without doing any work. Each customer will be assigned a single agent that will handle all of their requests and ideas without sending them to talk to an unfamiliar person in a different department. The customer has one person that they communicate with for all projects. Also, featuring design and hosting in the same place will make it much less complicated than most other web developers.

What Will Become of the Ace's Place Blog?

Good question. At this point, I'm not too sure. I'm sure that I will start a blog for the Ace's Group once it is underway and it will most likely be called The Ace's Group Blog. The Ace's Place may become a sort of social network combined with another project of mine called Sleeved Aces. It's hard to say what the future holds, but I most definitely look forward to it. Thanks for reading and I will keep you posted!