Product Grading Scale

So here we have the Product Grading Scale. At this point, I have already rated several products, and I will not be changing their format. From here on out however, any products that I review will follow this format. So, read and learn what I'm talking about before you get upset or something.

Functionality: Does it work?
Probably the most useful bit of information I can give. This section describes if and how well a product works. Generally put, a 0 out of 10 will be a worthless, collection of materials that somehow got put on shelves (or in a warehouse). A 10 out of 10 will be a something that basically uses itself, with not much work on your part.

User-Friendliness: Ease of Use
Though this does have some to do with Functionality, User-Friendliness describes how easily something complicated can be set up; or how well a UI (user interface) is arranged; or how complicated something is that really shouldn't be. The higher the score, the better set up the product is. The lower the score, the more confusing the product is.

Quality: How Well-Made is it?
Quality is based on the materials used to manufacture the product and the general feel a product has. You know when something just feels cheap? Well, that would score very low. Something made of nice materials that complimented the use and what the product is, will score very high.

Aesthetics: Looks
Who doesn't care about how something looks. This is basically the real life graphics of the product. The more awesome a product looks, the higher the score. If it looks like a piece of junk, it will score low (unless it is supposed to look like that).

Price Value: Is it Worth the Price?
Probably one of the most important things in this day and age: the price. Though this may not matter to some, it matters to most. We all want to get the most out of our money and here is where you find out if the product is worth the price. If a somewhat bad product is a mere fifty cents, then it will probably score mid-range. If a good product has a low price, high-range. And... well you get the picture.

Overall: The Summary
This is the section where I summarize what was good and what was bad. Its pretty simple, and just may be all you need to read. Also, this is where I add all of the points for an overall score. If one of the sections is excluded (for various reasons), then I will round the total to be out of fifty.

0-10/50 = Complete crap
11-20/50 = Pretty much worthless; might be okay for some
21-30/50 = Slightly flawed; but good for a small group of people
31-40/50 = Average with more pros than cons; good for a large group of people
41-45/50 = Good with a few general problems, but nothing to get upset about; good for most people
46-50/50 = Very good with little to no problems at all; good for practically everyone