Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Addition to the Team

So, its about time that somebody else started using The Ace's Place for ranting, sharing their opinion, and doing whatever it is that I do. So this brings my next point: there is an addition to the Ace's Place team. While this is exciting, the change will come on slowly. His name is Spencer K. Galloup and he is good at one thing in particular: talking. He has been begging me to set up a podcast for him when I had the idea to simply include him as part of The Ace's Place. Once the computer is finished, which is very close, he will be doing video reviews of several games, both classic and newer generation games which should add a whole new dimension to the site. Also, beginning soon will be a short, weekly podcast by him and occasionally myself. Soon enough, we will both be up and running and I still hope to achieve my post-every-day goal. So, I hope you look forward to even more involvement in The Ace's Place! Thank you all!