Sunday, January 23, 2011

A New Challenger Appears!

This is the dawn of a new error!
I am Spencer K. Galloup, also known as Skyg, and I am here to revitalize your interwebz with a fresh coat of meaningless drivel. I would like to thank Addman for letting me join him temporarily until I can get my own blog, YouTube Channel, website, etc.  For now, I will wast all of your precious time with the usual reviews, rants, and humorous self-injury. Do not expect to hear from me at predictable intervals, but I will do my best to supply you with amusement at every possible instance. 

P.S. - i will pwn u all with mai uber noledges!!11!!1!

Until next time, Skyg out.

May the farce be with ye!

Side note from The Ace: An interesting fellow he is, but he certainly has a knack for reviews and criticism which I expect will be both humorous and useful for the site. He's mostly gonna be reviewing his classic games that he loves and hates, as well as some newer stuff. So enjoy his presence while it lasts!