Saturday, January 8, 2011

Minecraft Save Glitch

Well, a few days ago, my computer crashed while playing Minecraft. No biggie, right? Not until I realized that the world that I have been working on for nearly two weeks was gone. Very gone. That was depressing. So of course, I went to the great help of the internet. After some file renaming and various other things, I got my world back. Now, some things to be aware of when a glitch like this happens:

1. You will probably get a new spawn point.
2. Your save will now read 0.0 MB (for a while at least).
3. New world generation will not be based on what is already there.

So, these don't seem too bad, right? In actuality, they aren't. Having it read 0.0 MB really means nothing and the spawn point doesn't matter too much. For my system of doing things, it was especially easy because I have forward bases all over the place, and my new spawn is near one. Anyways, the biggest problem that I found is the new world generation. I wandered out to the edge of my world to find a massive cliff, as the elevation was different and the biome (environment) was different. Basically put, I had a desert down here so I climbed the cliff to find an arctic wasteland. Luckily it is only in one area, but it is still an annoying little bug. Notch has said that the next thing he is working on for Minecraft is a better saving system, which is much needed. So, be careful, I guess.