Sunday, January 16, 2011

CraigsNotifica Review

Craigslist is a huge thing nowadays. It's like a virtual garage; the second most popular on the web (first is eBay). With Craigslist, you can sell and buy stuff with people near you. Proving somewhat useful, it has gained popularity over the years and is now a pretty busy place in most regions. The Android application CraigsNotifica, or whatever its real name is*, makes everything available to you on the go, so you can sell your junk and also be the first to call on the free HDTV.

*When opened, the name is displayed as CraigsNotifica. In the market, the name is Craigslist and is published by Notification. The adopted name seems to be CraigsNotifica, which is what I will use.

Overall: 42/50

Functionality: 9/10
CraigsNotifica is an app that is something complex crammed into something simple. This sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, yes, but CraigsNotifica simply does it right. Right from the start all of the menus are simple and straight to the point. Choose your state, then your region, then set up your first search. You can set all the parameter you need, like prices under $1000, and viola! It immediately opens a page with all of the listings in that category in your region. Scroll through them to mark them as read and if you see something you want it gives you the option to send an email or dial a number straight from there. The only real problem that I run into occasionally is the failure to mark posts as read. The fix is very straight forward, check the whole category box and tap Mark as Read. Plus, every time there is an update, you will get a notification (customizable and can be turned off) to let you know, making sure you are the first one to call on the free TV.

User-Friendliness: 9/10
The nice simplicity goes away somewhat as soon as you tap the menu button. But in a few seconds, everything is back to normal. Trying to change your region or add new ones is in the preferences and editing current listings is done by long pressing that listing or by pressing menu while in that listing. The -1 point is simply because it is hard to learn where to be when you press menu, but this really isn't hard.

Entertainment: 5/10
The entertainment value is by far the downfall of this app. I know it isn't for entertainment, but I really don't think they could've made it look any more boring than it is. White background, blue lettering. I feel like I'm doing schoolwork when I look at it. Anyway, nothing looks nice or pops out except for the ads which sadly brighten the app up. You could pay an extra ten bucks to get rid of the ads, but that just seems impractical, as the ads are the nicest looking part of the app.

Usefulness: 9/10
If you use Craigslist frequently, CraigsNotifica is for you. If you like finding bargains, CraigsNotifica is for you. Really, Craigslist is an eerie place. On the main site, why aren't the names of states and regions capitalized? I may be sort of a grammar Nazi, but still. What my point is, is that not everyone will use Craigslist. Not even everyone who uses it will enjoy it either. If they somehow made it more appealing to more people it would get 10/10.

Span of Use: 10/10
If you use the app, you will for a long time. Or until you find what you want. But really, the continuance of this app is what makes it nice. Until you change the settings, it will always be letting you know what for sale around you. So, all in all, this app will last a long time.

Overall: 42/50
Despite being very, very boring looking, CraigsNotifica is a very useful app for anyone really. Especially, though, for those who already use it or bargain hunters. For free (with ads) it is worth it to at least check out. The $10 for ad-free is totally not worth it however (See Entertainment section).