Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Infection that is Minecraft

Minecraft is officially an infection in my book, and I am an infecter. That is one of the most amazing things about the game, or should I say lack of game. The before it even made beta, Minecraft had almost a million downloads. Thats HUGE for an indy game. The other thing is that there was absolutely zero advertising on the part of Notch. Everyone who has downloaded it, has done so simply because of word of mouth advertising. I'm not certain, but I think thats a record. Like I was saying, Minecraft is infecting everybody. Now, most people think it looks like a crappy game when they see it. Then they play it. Then it becomes a lifestyle. This would be bad if it were anything but Minecraft... but it is Minecraft. So help out; spread the word! I know that I have gotten over ten people playing it so far, with very little effort. And they too have gotten numerous others. So, help out Notch and be sure to tell people to BUY the game!