Friday, December 10, 2010

My computer build

So right now, I'm saving money to build a computer. A nice computer. A VERY nice computer. Of course that takes a VERY large amount of money. Anyway, here's what I've come up with to make my beautiful, beautiful beast:

Antec Twelve Hundred

Thats right. Its a full case. I'll need it to house all the junk I'm throwing in the thing. Well, at least have it all stay at a reasonable temperature at the same. Its a monstrous tank of a case made of black steel and full of fans with blue LEDs. It will be gorgeous.

ASUS M4A79T Deluxe

A pretty sweet motherboard, this here Deluxe will satisfy my needs. It holds my CPU and will sustain two GPUs at highest capacity. Its pretty cheap, running at $120. The only thing it lacks is built in USB 3.0 instead of 2.0 and SATA 6Gb/s. At least I can add some 3.0 USB ports in the future ports in the future.

AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition

This six core processor is insane. It's relatively cheap for how much power it produces as well the Black Edition (3.2GHz) standing at $230 and the cheapest edition standing at a low $180. If I had an extra thousand to throw down, I would've gotten the Extreme Edition Intel i7. I don't have that money though.

(2) SAPPHIRE 100281-3SR Radeon HD 5870 (Cypress XT)

Radeon HD 5870 is pretty good. Well, its one of the best according to the Graphics Card Heirarchy Chart from Tom's Hardware (3rd tier down). Anyway, you may be thinking: "3rd teir down?! Thats lame!". Well if you did, please notice that fact that I am getting two of them, which would surpass the first tier. Thats all thanks to my motherboard supporting two of them at full speed. They will add up to 2GB of built in RAM. That'll be future proof for a good... well about two years probably. Plus, I will achieve a pretty beastly look with two of them things in my case.

(4) G.SKILL 4GB DDR3 1333

G.SKILL makes quality RAM, and this is the best type: DDR3. With a total of 16GB of this RAM, I'll be ripping through anything at amazingly fast speeds with this much RAM and my CPU. Plus, the Ripjaws Series will compliment the look of my case

Rosewill BRONZE Series RBR1000-M 1000W

1000 watts are more than necessary to power all of this stuff, at least without disaster. Plus, this PSU will glow blue like the rest of my case, which is definitely necessary, right?

Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB

Considering that my motherboard will hold about six drives, this will not be the only thing I get. I'll probably get some SSDs in the future, but I figure that this will be a good starting point. 7200 RPM will be fast enough to meet my needs for now.

5.25" Slots:
NZXT Sentry-2 Touch Screen Fan Controller

This fan controller will not only look cool on my case, but I will be able to keep the insides of my case at the perfect temperature at the right places. It will allow for the best operating speeds possible.

LG Black 10X Blu-Ray Burner with LightScribe

Truly all I am gonna need for my discular needs. I can burn CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray at extremely high speeds and put my own cover on them. It covers everything I will need and want for a while.

Rosewill 40-in-1 Internal Card Reader

For my last slot, this card reader will cover everything that isn't already directly compatible with my computer.

That pretty much sums it up for my build, I will HOPEFULLY have it completed within the next few months, and will post some info on it then. My next post will probably be all the accessories that I will get with it.