Thursday, December 16, 2010

Droid Fever

Firstly, I am a die-hard Android fan. Also, a die-hard Verizon fan. Lucky for me, that puts me in a position to obtain the best of the best smartphones available. I am one of the few people that could probably have an iPhone 4 and a Droid (First Gen) set next to each other and then convince the average person that the Droid is better. Granted, I don't think that iPhone is a piece of junk. It isn't. It is very high quality and simple. But that is the problem, honestly. Its simplicity is both its rise and fall.
Music Players

Okay, the iPhone's music player is millions better. I think that may have something to do with the fact that Apple made the iPod first. On the Android Market there are a few good music player. My favorite is the MixZing Media Player. It has some features that surpass that of the Iphone's, but its general functionality is slightly less than that of the iPhone's.

UI (User Interface)/ OS (Operating System)

This is a hard comparison, simply because there are several official UIs for Android phones. That is one of the things that makes me believe that Android is better, I mean you have a choice and you can change the whole way your phone operates and looks whenever you want. Even with a jailbroken iPhone, there isn't a ton that you can do. So the Android UI automatically wins in terms of customizing

Now, the other thing is the functionality of the UI. Depending on what phone you have (I'm stuck with the sluggish Droid Eris), the speed of operation will vary. On the Droid 2 or Nexus S, you will not have any problems unless you can manage to have a few hundred apps running at the same time and it will still work fine. My Droid Eris freaks out over about 20 apps, and that is overclocked. Now the iPhone is a win-lose. You will always be operating at high speeds seamlessly. Wahoo, right? Well ya, I guess if you only want to have one app open at a time. Or a few with the iPhone 4. So, you get speed but lose some functionality.

And the last thing, app dependability. iPhones don't really have this. With Android, which runs off of Java, all of the apps have the opportunity to affect each other. For example, you enter information in one app, and you get results in another. Programming these apps is difficult, though the result is definitely better.


The Retina display is crazy. Mindblowingly crazy. iPhone again automatically wins for this. Now the Nexus S, with the Super Amoled screen, is pretty high up there. This display isn't quite as mindblowing as the retina, but the colors are more vibrant and the screen itself is ergonomically curved, which is pretty cool. So really, its just a preference thing.

Verizon vs. AT&T

Okay, Verizon wins. End of story. Its faster and in more places.

Well this concludes my rant on Android and iPhones. Android is more functional and customizable whereas iPhones are simpler and less capable. So here is my final verdict: get an Android phone (a good one like Droid X, Droid 2, or Nexus S) and also get a iPod touch. There you would get the best of both worlds.
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