Monday, December 27, 2010

Playstation Move Review

So I got Playstation Move for Christmas. My verdict is just as good as any, I suppose. So here is where I tell you all about the experience so far. If you want a hint as to how the rest of this may go, here it is: very, very nice.
I guess the first thing that I noticed (and expected) was the accuracy. This surpassed what I expected actually. Playing the game Tumble was the most incredible example of this. In Tumble you pick up blocks with a floating Move controller in the game and move them around. I may as well have been holding them myself as the responded instantly, as if the blocks were actually attached to the controller in my hands. Of course they weren't but the speed and accuracy of it was just astounding.

The controller itself feels quite nice. It is the perfect weight, not too heavy or too light, and feels rightfully distributed weight-wise. One problem I found at first was my thumb naturally going into the PS Button hole instead of going up to the move button. After the first half hour of play, it was finding its way to the correct spot like a champ. The face button placement takes a little getting used to as well, but quickly grows natural. The glow orb at the top feels definitely durable, made of a rubbery substance, but does seem to attract hair and dirt like crazy. Thats nothing a few puffs of breath can't solve though. One thing that does bug me is that there is a line all the way around the orb where they put it together. Its hardly noticeable, but it really does bug me. The rumble is a nice feature and it is certainly not overdone either, as most games give you the option to choose a level of vibration.

Like I said before, in games the responsiveness is incredible. In the XMB, it is a little wonky to use but it does definitely work. After some practice, it starts working quite well actually. Just don't try to use the on-screen keyboard with it. That doesn't work one bit. 

One ability that I believe puts PlayStation Move above the competition is that it combines the competition into one thing. You have the depth perception Kinect camera and the Wii controller. This allows some games to use the camera and put you in the game which is a cool feature when combined with the accuracy. The only thing that I find somewhat disappointing is the PlayStation Eye's poor quality and refresh rate, but I don't care as much about the camera capabilities. 

Something I found relatively annoying was the Wii-esque safety pictures before you play any games with Move. I understand its all legal stuff, but its just too similar to what the Wii has. Also, the orb on top glows a certain color depending on your surroundings. Too bad for most people the color that it finds least of is a pinkish purple, so you get an orb that glows that color. Either way, the color changing is a feature that I absolutely love. Like in High Velocity Bowling when you get a strike, it flashes every color and vibrates. Its just a nice effect.

So the final word on PlayStation Move is that it surpassed my somewhat good expectations. And I guess thats somewhat good in itself. If you have extra money left over from Christmas and you are looking for something to get, seriously consider this. The games already out are pretty astounding, and more will come soon. I have yet to use (or get) the navigation controller, but I will put out an update when I do.