Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam Review

The Vietnam expansion to Bad Company 2 is a huge addition to the amazing multiplayer. It isn't really an addition though, but more like a whole new game. It has its own section on the main menu, with a new background and new music, more oriented to Vietnam of course. In the actual game, pretty much everything has changed but kept the same feel as regular Bad Company 2 multiplayer. New guns (FLAMETHROWER!), new gadgets, and of course new maps. The loading screen is an rehaul of the original, but with an older map and radio briefing. Its the little things like this that add to the experience.

Overall: 38/40 or 47.5/50

Gameplay: 9/10
The gameplay is much the same as regular multiplayer, which is definitely a good thing. The maps feel different as they have fewer sections, but each section is much different from the last. You can be clearing caves with a flamethrower one minute and be sniping a burning wasteland the next. A few things take away from the experience, like getting stuck in the landscape and having small ledges stop you from sprinting away from an enemy with a flamethrower. Everything is just as balanced as it was before, maybe even more so. The only questionable element I noticed was the flamethrower. I absolutely love it, it is great in close quarters and sucked in the open. Using it is being like a suicide bomber though. Run into a cave and light everyone on fire then get killed as they burn, then gather your kills. As long as only a few people use it, it is great. But with more than a few, the battlefield just turns into a blinding mass of flames.

Playability: 9/10
Very easy to get used to the changes made, like no attachments for the weapons and such. Adapting to the maps is very easy as well. But still lacking is the ability to go prone, which could be useful in many situations. Also, Vietnam feels faster than the original multiplayer experience. This is both good and bad depending on the situation. Otherwise, no real complaints.

Story: N/A
Its multiplayer, though a story counterpart would have been really nice.

Graphics: 10/10
Pretty much the same, which is amazing. Some new elements are introduced, such as fire, and are done beautifully. The burning wasteland mentioned earlier is dreadfully gorgeous. The muddy water, in some sections is a little lacking in... cloudiness. It just looks like brown water. Maybe its just me though. All in all, amazing graphics.

Sound: 10/10
One of my favorite things about Battlefield is the sound. From deep explosions to crisp sniper fire, it never ceases to amaze me. The new voices fit the new maps, style, and era much better and I are less frequent as well. Also of course, the ability to listen to the radio in vehicles is back, with music suitable for the battle.

Overall: 38/40 or 47.5/50
I guess the only thing that need really needs changing is just some refinement in the gameplay. Less little glitches with the movement around the beautiful landscape and I will be even more satisfied than I am right now. For $15, this a must buy for anyone who enjoyed Bad Company 2.