Friday, December 17, 2010

Logitech M505 Laser Mouse Review

A new item to me, this Logitech M505 Laser Mouse is precision at its best. Mine is red in color which definitely makes it some nice eye candy. The laser capabilities make this mouse super precise and the Bluetooth wireless receiver makes it very responsive.
The M505 is a very nice option for a mouse, providing you like them small. The size really took me by surprise. Myself, I am a fan of smaller mouses (mice?), but this seems almost like a laptop mouse. The payoff for the size is the accuracy, responsiveness, and of course the wireless capabilities. It runs off of two AA batteries (comes with it) and has an on/off switch on the bottom to save the battery while not in use. The specs say that the battery will last 15 months, which is pretty good in my opinion.

Besides its size, the M505 feels pretty good. The sides have a nice, smooth rubber finish and the shell is made of smooth glossy plastic. The overall clickiness is good. I don't find myself ever accidentally clicking. It features a four-way scroller that is whisper quiet, which is something that I love. My old mouse incessantly clicked whenever I scrolled up.

Overall, this mouse is a huge improvement to my old Dell wired ball mouse. For a notebook user, I would definitely recommend this mouse. The receiver is ultra small so you wouldn't have to worry about taking it out and the mouse is solid and portable. For a desktop mouse, I think there are a few better choices out there, but the M505 will more than suffice for anyone not looking for intense gaming or a "comfort" mouse.