Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Yes. Pens. I wasn't sure what to write about today, so I am going to write about pens. Maybe it is a little bit weird, but quite frankly I don't care. I figured out that the first result from a quick Google search on pens will bring up the Pittsburgh Penguins, an NHL team. Well, that was simply not what I was thinking of. The second site: is depressing as well. You would think that it would be about pens exclusively. NOPE. I mean, it has pens but that isn't their main business. All they want is to customize stuff for you (including pens) and make you give them money. Again,, the third website listed, refuses to satisfy. Granted, it is exclusively about pens, which is a plus, but they just want to sell me some generic crappy pens, for somewhat cheap.

This is the point at which I gave up searching for pens; the only problem is that I was going to talk about pens. So far, I've only talked about my search for pens. So here is my opinion of pens: they obliterate pencils. Seriously, back a few years ago I decided to use exclusively. As of now, it has proved useful as I make so incredibly few mistakes than I used to. I tempt you to use only pens, see the difference. As for types... well, I only use high quality, but I am not opposed to the generic junk (like they have at banks). The most commonplace, high-quality pens seem to be Pilot G2s. They are smooth and lay the ink down thick. Plus they come in all tons of colors (I prefer black). My favorite pens however, are definitely Uni-ball pens. Any type will do, but I specifically recommend the Uni-ball Elite.

So there you have my rundown on pens. I hope it was more interesting than it seems. Thanks for reading and be sure to come back!