Thursday, December 16, 2010

Logitech Ultra-Thin Illuminated Keyboard Review

So I just got my hands on the Logitech Ultra-Thin Illuminated Keyboard, and by that I mean literally. I'm typing on it right now. I must say, I have only had it for about 15 minutes but I find it really easy and fluid to type on. The keys are all very responsive and quiet, but they genuinely click on keypress.
My favorite feature of this keyboard is by far its illumination. It is vibrant and clean and clear. Each key is outlined and has the letter blaring out at me. Even more convenient is the brightness button on the top right that can change the brightness of the keys on 3 different levels (not including off).

The feel of the keyboard is very nice. Without the legs up it seems to almost lean back due to its extreme thinness, but with them up it sits at a nice level, though I could go for just a tad more tilt. The pad on the front is made of a nice rubbery texture that is comfortable, however it isn't all that useful. I already know that I am going to invest in a pad to go just in front of it for more comfort, but it is by no means uncomfortable.

Besides the cutting edge design and beauty, this keyboard still has more features to feed you. One of which is the function keys. These keys are set off by glowing orange instead of white which in itself looks pretty sweet. Now, I have yet to find the use for all of these keys, but it includes the basics like opening your browser, searching, opening music, playing music, and opening the calculator (nifty huh?). Also include are sound volume and mute buttons which will come in handy frequently.

My only complaints about this keyboard are the backspace button which unusually small, and the fact that F1-F12 aren't illuminated. Not that it really matters because they are still visible even in the dark, but it is just odd. So all in all, this keyboard utterly rocks. I definitely recommend it for anybody.