Sunday, December 26, 2010

Is PlayStation Plus worth it?

So you've been wondering about Playstation Plus, right? Is it worth it? Now, luckily you don't have to buy it to have a good gaming experience, but you may want to for several reasons. So I've compiled a list of why you may want to and a few reasons you may not want to.

1. Free Stuff!
Thats a good enough reason for me... The amount of games, add-ons, and exclusives that you get truly does pay off. So what it really depends on is if you will use it all. However, I never once considered getting any Minis but after the free ones through PlayStation Plus I have enjoyed every one of them. So if you are open to new things this will be definitely worth it. Also, being a fan of Qore myself, found it nice that I get free episodes. That frees up getting that subscription.

2. Automatic Downloads
This is probably one of my favorite features. I have always hated when I want to play a game but have to download an update first. No more of that! You can just tell it what time to turn on and check for updates and it will do it while you sleep (or whenever you set it to).

3. Full Game Trials
I would find this extremely useful if I didn't already own all of the games already offered. Basically, its like a demo, except you get the full game for an hour. If you don't like it, then think of it as a short rent. If you do like it, then pay the extra twenty to thirty bucks and you get to continue from where you were, but you can now play forever.

4. Exclusives and Early Demos
Most of the exclusives aren't much of anything special, but you do have bragging rights. Usually, their exclusivity only lasts about a week or so because they want money from the rest of the people, so this is probably the least shiny of the offering of PlayStation Plus, but it is nonetheless still worth something.

In the end it comes down to one question: Will you use what you are getting? If you only use about half of the things offered through PlayStation Plus you will be saving money, so this is more than definitely a good deal. The overall value of what Plus offers is astounding. So the end verdict is that if you will use what you get, even if you don't currently use them, then PlayStation Plus is for you!