Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Newegg Electronics Trade-In Program

Well, I know I've recommended Newegg before as the greatest online electronics retailer. I'm doing it again. Except this time, there is more of a purpose. Newegg just recently started their electronics trade-in program. The program is powered by Gazelle, probably the most reliable website for actually getting money for gadgets and such. On Newegg however, the program is tailored to offer you the most for your money. Or Newegg gift card that is. When you do it through Newegg, you will end up with slightly more money, but the money will only be useful at Newegg. For computer people like myself, this is an amazing process, and definitely something I will exploit in the (near) future. For others, use this as a learning experience and start selling your stuff to Gazelle. Well, here's the link to the Newegg process, and beware, it is very new, so all the bugs aren't quite worked out. But you know Newegg will cooperative like always.