Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bulletstorm Demo Impressions

So I just spent the last hour playing the Bulletstorm demo, and have mixed feelings. Please realize that this is my second most looked forward to game of 2011, so my expectations were clearly quite high. Anyway, from what I played tonight, it was ultimately enjoyable. I played the map about 4 times through. The biggest problem I had was getting inspiration for skillshots. I felt like I was stupid by simply shooting them; I felt obligated to perform skillshots. I guess that that isn't a bad thing, considering the game revolves around skillshots, but it still seemed too forced. The map was pretty sweet, the three enemy types were obviously specialized in something, and the teammates were useless. Actually, the teammates ruined my skillshots more than anything else. I do realize that the full game will feature way more skillshots and enemies and weapons, but I sincerely hope there is more inspiration for using them all to the best advantage. All in all, the game seems to be on the right track for sure; for me though, its a little farther down that track than I expected.
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