Monday, February 28, 2011

Games to Look Forward to in March 2011

As the new month approaches (must faster than I expected), there is a whole new line-up for good games. Well, and 3DS stuff, which is looking to go expectantly well. Besides the 3DS, I'm listing some games that I expect will top out the charts this month and why. So these are the games you should look into further.

1. Rift (March 1)
Rift what is most frequently known as a the best World of Warcraft clone. The game isn't even out yet, but is extremely popular in Beta, much like another game I know... *cough* Minecraft. Anyway, basically put, Rift pits two opposing sides together in an ongoing battle for the world Telara. In the midst of this, there are also Rifts. Ya, just like the name of the game. The Rifts remind me somewhat of Oblivion gates from The Elder Scrolls 4, except these are far more crucial. These evil portals open up and unleash evil things upon the land. If you and the other players leave it open for too long... everyone gets screwed and evil takes over the map. Besides, a compelling story (or so I hear) and nice game mechanics, Rift also employs a massively complex character building tree. Now more than ever, people will actually be different from each other! Will it be a WoW killer? Its hard to say, as most WoW players I know are very stubborn about Rift. But everyone else I know really does seem to enjoy it. Coming out early in the month, Rift will keep you satisfied for a very long time.

2. Homefront (March 15)
It was a somewhat difficult decision to include this game, as it doesn't seem promising or dispromising. After looking into it further however, I came to realize that the plot of the game is really well developed. Then I discovered the the story is actually written by the same guy who wrote the story for the cult classic Red Dawn. As a first person shooter, this game should prove interesting nonetheless. The developers do have high hopes for the IP and are in fact already planning a sequel. Hopefully the gameplay will be up to par with the story and will come together to create an amazing game. If nothing else, this will be a great mid-month game to look into.

3. Crysis 2 (March 22)
Ahhh Crysis 2. I have been waiting for some time for this. This is also a game that may or may not go well. The only reason I say this is because the first one had so many high points and so little low points. Making the transition to include console versions of the game, they cut out some features and put in some other ones. In many cases, changing a great game too much doesn't end well. The Halo series for example hasn't evolved all that much, and it remains a great IP. I really do hope that this will turn out well, as do most people, but I have mixed feelings about the console iterations. Though the developers have promised the PC version will remain superior, I can only wonder. On the 22nd of March, prepare yourself to be the lone defender of earth in its final hour, and hope its not too different from the first time you did it.

Honorable Mentions
Overall, March isn't the most promising month for video games, but it does offer some smaller promises like the onslaught of 3DS games which is sure to be a hit. One small game that will hopefully be remembered this month is Pixel Junk Shooter 2. The first game was quirky and challenging, with many great game mechanics. The second installment is sure to be just as good if not better. So be on the lookout for this game as well this month!