Sunday, September 6, 2009

Opening of: The Ace's Place!

  Due to the inspiration of several fellow gamers, I have decided to start my own blog! The Ace's Place will bring you news from the video game world along with the opinion of your's truly. I will also bring you news of several other things that I have interest in, such as zombies and some things from my personal life.
  "The Ace's Place?," you ask? Well, my PlayStation Network username in addman_ace, people either call me addman or ace when I play online... and ace and place ryhme. As for my inspiration, mostly from my good PSN friend, Pesico, who is the creator of the blog, KittyGotWet. Another PSN friend, Dagger471, started his own blog as well, The Life and Times of Dagger. All three of us are very active members of the AMAZING PS3 trophy website, I will post more about this in the future. Thanks for reading!